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    Quote Originally Posted by I3ullsEyE View Post
    Looking for a good allaround compound bow. Any recomendations?

    What about the Hoyt Pro Elite or Bowtech Mission OBS
    I have a Hoyt UltraElite which is basically same bow as Pro Elite but a bit different. They are both shoot thru bows. I wouldn't pic one of these primarly for hunting or 3D though. Pretty long axle and they are realllly more for target shooting. I myself was looking at something shorter for more speed and distance for 3D. My hubby has an UltraTec and he LOVESSSSS his bow. It is a great bow, I shot it till I got my UltraElite.
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    Default 3D/Hunting bow

    I bought a Hoyt Vulcan, and I think after shooting most of the new hunting bows out there. (didn't shoot any Bowtech's) I bought the Vulcan and I love the speed, quietness, draw curve, and its steady before and after the shot.

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    try a pse mojo or the X7
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    Default The best?

    Quote Originally Posted by I3ullsEyE View Post
    Looking for a good allaround compound bow. Any recomendations?

    What about the Hoyt Pro Elite or Bowtech Mission OBS
    Your answer to the best, hasnt come out yet!
    Just kiddin, The one that fits you the best for hunting first & if you want to shoot 3-D than use it, it'll help your hunting.
    I shoot PSE, but i like and set-up & have shot almost every bow mentioned.
    If your stearing toward a bowtech, try the diamond- black ice
    Its a sweet shooter, i think she'd be a sweet hunter too.
    Another one i set-up suprised me was the Browning marage,Seems to be a stout hunter, i watched a kid shoot a perfect score in the bowhunter round 3 weeks ago with one, talked to him he loves it and will hunt with it, I would to if i were him!
    Hope this help's

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