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    Default Turkeys are tough to get drawn on!!!

    Had a group of turkeys come through last night. There was a downed tree between me an them. I thought there was only two but I was wrong. I tried to get to full draw as the first one went behind the tree and got busted.

    So here's a lesson. Draw your bow as soon as you can and wait. I thought I was covered and they still saw me. Then you get to hear the chirp, chirp, chirp and they all scatter.
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    I feel for you brother....I got busted this spring taking the safety off my Remington 1100....I instinctively looked down as I started to reach for it. The jake didnt wait to stick around to see what was going to happen next!

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    I was in my treestand one morning when a flock came through. I waited for them to pass under me before i started to draw my bow. CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP and gone they were. I think they have eyes in the back of there heads! featherd jerks anyway.

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    A Double Bull blind helps loads. But is not foolproof. If turkeys could smell, we'd be overrun with them.
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    We had a real old smart bird one time on a peice of property that I hunt. One day we decided it was his turn to go on the table. So we did this, Found a really good blowdown and set up a blind behind it. Had a guy calling from behind us and slightly down over a knoll and a decoy on all three of the four sides. Just so happened that he came around my side of the blind I drew my SQ2 and let him have it. He would have had a hard time getting away anyway cause my buddy was on the oppisite side of the blind and was ready had he come around it that way its called tag team
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