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    Default full metal jackets?

    hey guys, sorry i havent been around, to many things to do, not enouph time to do em, if you know wut i mean...anyway im looking 4 some new arrows and im realy liking the new full metal jackets from easton. any one shooting these? how are they/ are they worth the money?
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    I do have one shooter in the area that is using them and he does like them a lot. I still continue to be cheap and will never change from my mid priced Bemen carbon with 2 inch bohning bh vanes.. it use to be in the old days of 1970's that with alum you should try to buy the most high dollar ones as they will last longer and be a overall quality arrow. Now in today market place I do not see any big difference in the quality of the products offered and the weight is so close... A poor shooter like me just can not see paying a $100 a doz over a mid price of $60 for another brand of carbon tell me archers out there do you find a big difference in brands of carbon and or alum / carbon shafts ????

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    I have them and absolutly love them. I am going to have my wife shoot them. They are very accurate and penatrate very very well on my block target. I can't wait to see what they will do to a hog.

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