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    Default Sneak peak at 2006 Bowtech specs

    Sorry, do not have pictures yet. But here is what we have heard so far.
    The Fast/Smooth indication is the type of module on the bow.


    IBO Speed (Fast):320-328fps
    IBO Speed (Smooth):312-320
    ATA Length:31.5"
    Brace Height:7.5"
    Draw Lengths:26-30"
    Draw Weights:40-100#
    Bow Weight:4.1 lbs

    IBO Speed(Fast): 327-335fps
    IBO Speed (Smooth): 319-327
    ATA Length: 34"
    Brace Height: 7"
    Draw Lengths: 26-30"
    Draw Weights: 40-70#
    Bow Weight: 4.1 lbs

    IBO Speed(Fast): 294-302fps
    IBO Speed (Smooth) N/A
    ATA Length: 32.125"
    Brace Height: 7"
    Draw Lengths: 23-26.5"
    Draw Weights: 20-60#
    Bow Weight: 3.5lbs

    Old Glory
    IBO Speed(Fast): 308-316 fps
    IBO Speed (Smooth) 300-308 fps
    ATA Length: 37"
    Brace Height: 8"
    Draw Lengths: 28-32"
    Draw Weights: 40-70#
    Bow Weight: 4.3 lbs.

    IBO Speed(Fast): 308-316 fps
    IBO Speed (Smooth) N/A
    ATA Length: 40"
    Brace Height: 8.25"
    Draw Lengths: 26.5-30"
    Draw Weights: 30-70#
    Bow Weight: 4.5 lbs

    IBO Speed(Fast): 307-315 fps
    IBO Speed (Smooth): 299-307 fps
    ATA Length: 31.75"
    Brace Height: 8.625
    Draw Lengths: 27-31"
    Draw Weights: 40-70#
    Bow Weight: 3.8lbs
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    I cant wait to see some pictures of these things, i have been waiting for the 06's to come out. Also what is with the two cams, fast and smooth. Did they design all new cams, or what. I know that the 05's have a hard pull, so it would be nice if they made it a little easier. If you got anymore info i would love to know more about the 06 bows.

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    The cam didn't change except there is a now a module that can be changed. Smooth or Fast. The Fast should be 8-10fps faster than the 2005 bows.
    I haven't heard much else that has changed so we will have to wait until Nov 1st to hear the whole story.

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    I talked to my Bowtech rep yesterday. I found some of the new bows very interesting. The short draw bow, the Equalizer has some interesting specs. This bow has a max draw lenght of 26.5" and a top speed of 302fps. My rep stated that IF this bow would go to 30" draw it would shoot 360fps.

    The other bow is the tribute. the limbs on this bow are past parallel. The riser is the allegiance riser. I was told it shoots like a longer axle bow and is pin point accurate. He said this will be the hot seller this year.

    The old glory has a larger brace height and even more speed. What more could you ask for in a 3D rig.

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    New 2006 bowtech pics
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    I was told by a bowtech rep that it is a new cam and that it will not work on the 2005 bows, he said the axle pivot point was different and that you would need new limbs, I then looked at the pictures on their website and it looks like thr riser cutouts and the limb pockets are different, I quess the modules also adjust draw legnth, so its no longer cam specific for draw legnth, the tribute looks like a nice bow, I wonder if it will shoot as good as they say for guys with longer draw lengths, I bought an outback 30 inch draw and I couldn't shoot it very well, I shot a legacy before that and now I shoot the allegiance, both around 34 inch axle to axle and I shoot it pretty well, so I wonder if I would run into the same problem with the tribute, let me know what you think, and if you have heard anything different from your rep, thanks.

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