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Thread: Clickers

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    Default Clickers

    I am trying to gather information on the use of clickers for members in my club.
    Does anyone know of any good sites.

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    Which type of clicker are you interested in the back tension style or a clicker for finger shooters.

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    Default Clickers

    Thanks for your reply. I am interested in a clicker for finger shooters.
    What I am mainly after is information on actually how to use them -
    What I was after is different views from different people regarding any problems that they have encountered and how they have solved them.
    Thank you

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    The clickers for finger shooters is normally a little metal wire that rests against your arrow. As you draw back with fingers and anchor it is still sitting right near the tip of the arrow.

    As you start to execute your shot and pull hard against the wall, the arrow moves back about 1/16-1/8" and the clicker falls off the end of the arrow. This is what causes the click and signals the shooter to release the arrow.

    A lot of good shooters use these. However, I don't shoot fingers, I shoot release. When I have experimented shooting fingers, I could not shoot a clicker. My mind would say, the pin is not in the middle do not release even though the clicker clicked.

    It is supposed to be a form of target panic reducer. Hoperfully some other finger shooters will pop in here and can provide more advice

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    Default clickers

    hi steve, what kind of styles or archers wanting to use clickers actually shoot,your best bet would be to try and talk to archers using the freestyle or unlimited, styles ,

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