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    Default New string and D loop

    I just had my string replaced at the local archery shop. I have shot it approximately 75 times and now after every shot, my D loop ends up facing the wrong direction. It seems the string is twisting as both the D loop and my peep sight end up facing forward. Is there something I can do to fix this? Thanks for your help.

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    You need to go back to the shop and have them either rotate the peep sight or add a 1/2 twist to the string. All new strings will stretch some when first put on. This is what you are seeing.
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    this process may contiue for some time depending on the string material and the skill of the stringmaker.

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    Default gator jaw

    get yourself a gator jaw and get that junk off your string. d loops are there for two reasons. one, to help keep the serving in good shape. two, to keep the arrow from falling off. the gator does it all. some claim the d loop helps with rotating your peep. from experience, if you are going to the trouble of twisting your string for d loop positioning, twist the string for peep alignment and get a gator.

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    Default Strings

    You may want to try VaporTrail strings/cable or Winners Choice. VaporTrails are excellent and about half the cost of W/C but, both are high quality. I shoot VaporTrails and have zero rotation and very little stretch, the same with W/C. There are other good strings around, I just happen to like V/T.

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