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    Default Helical or offset fletchings, which one ?

    I have been getting my arrows for years from an archery shop, But I am wanting to start fletching my own, and I am not sure what to get! All my arrows seem to have a right helical to them, but they also could be a right offset, i am not sure.
    I have seen arrows fletched with what seems more of a offset to them than what i have currently, so i am not sure if they are true right helical, or offset!

    Also if they are offset, how do you fletch to get the offset? and would I be better off just getting a right helical fletching jig ? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!


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    It really doesn't matter witch one u use right left off set or helical right left.
    Off set will be a little easier to tune then the helical. The left off set and left helical looking from the nock will be set off to the left only draw back with left is that your screw in tips will loosen when they hit the target where as right off set or right helical will tighten.
    Fletching jigs will come with a clamp of your choice and you can buy extra clamps Of your choosing straight, off set or helical
    experiment with them and find the one that gives you your best arrow flight and group

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    General rule of thumb is to fletch with as hard a helical or offset as you can get away with... I switched from a straight clamp that I used to fletch offset with to a right helical (because of the previously stated reason of my field points not loosening constantly during shooting sessions) when I switched to shooting a Muzzy Zero Effect, since I could get away without having to worry about fletching contact.

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    I use a right helical clamp. Like Greg/Mo said, the more, the better, especially if you use a fallaway rest.

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