Part2:Forest Preserve District Shoots 300 Deer
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    Default Part2:Forest Preserve District Shoots 300 Deer

    Well, it appears that the fight is not totally over on the deer hunt in the Forest Preserves of Winnebago County. There is supposed to be a executive commitee meeting this Thursday. However, rumor has it, there will not be an open hunt.

    It should be interesting though. There is also talk of another method to force them to open the hunt. It is the same thing they had to do in McHenry County to get them to open the hunting. There is talk of sueing the county board and it's members.

    The fight continues....
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    Well, here's the latest....

    At the Forest Preserve Executive Committee Meeting, the Director of the Forest Preserve stated "we can do one of two things". We can have open them to public hunting or we can continue to sharp shoot and open 200 acres for bowhunting a certain remote area.

    Apparently if the forest preserve sharpshooters cannot shoot the deer from the truck then it qualifies as a remote are. From what I understand there is a 200 acre heavily forested section that has no trails or roads. This is where they want to put the bowhunters.

    Now get this. The time the bowhunters are allowed is sunrise to 9:30am. That's all. I realize there are supposed to tons of deer in this area but that sure isn't much time.

    Before the board could vote on the bowhunter/sharpshooter idea, our infamous alderwoman piped up. She wants a public hearing before allowing this. She is totally against hunting and was one of the main people that stopped the bowhunting at Rock Cut State Park.

    Oh I almost forgot. One of the alderman was upset at all the hunters that were present at this meeting. He wasn't happy that they couldn't conduct their business without the public listening. WHAT!? They don't want the public knowing what they are doing. This is our local governmental body in action.

    I really wish someone would run against her. The hunting public alone should be able to swing the vote for a new alderperson.

    I understand that McHenry County Conservation District has hunting in their Conservations. I'm not sure there really is a difference between a Conservation and a Forest Preserve. But it took threatening with a lawsuit before they would listen. I guess the same thing will have to happen here.

    I wonder if it would do any good to put up petitions in the local Archery Shops, Bait Shops, Gander Mountain, Dicks Sporting Goods etc. If we could generate a few thousand names would that force them to allow hunting in the forest preserves.
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    More updates....

    So much for the public hearing. They completely cancelled it. The County Board Chairman put a stop to it. He said they have more important things to deal with than re-hashing the deer hunt.

    Then he says that they should sell the venison. HELLO!!! That is illegal in the state of Illinois. You cannot sell any part of the wild game. Oh since the poach the deer at night over bait and shoot from inside their trucks, the illegal selling of game is ok too.
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    Default Manage the deer population?

    So I guess there should be swear words allowed now on 3d shoots now aye?
    I am really floored about this,selling deer is against the law,what else will they come up with to gain revenue?
    We PAY to hunt and get 2 bucktags no matter what,aye?
    They shot 6-8 deer(not confirmed really how many) for Cwd testing on my familys hunting property last winter in one week and found no cases whatso ever,even after I told them there was no cases reported from us.I was pissed from the getgo,and I'll tell you why,I don't care for the political hype and crap either.
    Because I AM a ethical deer hunter and let even the 8 pointers walk unless there quite monsterously worldclass,and these guys don't give a rats derriere if it's a fawn,nubbin,2 1/2,3 1/2 or a 4 1/2or if its a 190 that's just dropped his horns,it's another deer to kill,period either for testing or for the meat to go to the homeless.Not a bad thing at all,I guess a true real dedicated hunter can afford a outfitter somewhere,I guess.I can say I'm out of venision already in MY freezer folks.
    How would maybe an outfitter feel if I shot 2 bucks that where all around 100 inchers in one afternoon,when the guy says only 130's?Need to fill the freezer for what he charges sounds funny don't it?
    It isn't about the antlers to me as much as the herd,tell that to the next guy who loves the meat,that's why I shoot DOES,for meat.
    Who can't understand that they(DNR) don't already have more deer than all of our hunting property's put together, in Half the parks and on There Land?
    I would pay to hunt the parks,it would be better than going all the way to canada,for some of us,and there's some hard earned cash for em' if I don't say so myself.
    The thing they don't understand is what hunting profits would be,and some of us don't have ,or haven't been blessed to have good hunting property to hunt on around here.Alot of guys try to get permission to hunt on property that will never be able to be hunted on enough as it is...
    I have asked to hunt on property as well,and it's like pulling teeth out of a pregnant rottweiler around here.
    So,In some ways I can say that sheriff john gasparini wasn't all that bad of a guy,after this post.
    And another thing who's park is it anyways.

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    Angry More updated information

    Well, I talked to the IL DNR yesterday.

    I bluntly asked why they (the Forest Preserve District) is allowed to remove deer using poaching methods. I was told that this is a special permit that allows them to take deer using certain methods and this is one of them.

    I then asked why the DNR hasn't pushed them to allow hunting. He stated they have no juristiction to do that? The DNR is state wide but local/County forest preserve trumps them?

    He said we have highly recommended they implement a hunting program. He also stated their $58,000 cost was under estimated. Consider in business the cost of insurance, workmans comp, benefits and you have nearly $100,000 cost.

    He also stated the FPD has only taken about 1/4 of the total deer they need to remove before it gets to managable levels. So figure $100,000 * 4 and that's the Tax dollars you and I are contributing.

    So instead of generating income, they are totally wasting money. Even after they get the herd numbers down they still have to manage it. Otherwise this will start over or be a yearly expense.

    There was an article in the Rock River Times that basically stated, the hunters are so used to getting beat down that they just accept it. It's time for the hunters to step up and stop being so nice. We need to put pressure on the County Board.

    You can't reason with an ANTI any more than you can reason with a terrorist. They believe what they believe regardless of the facts they are shown. They refuse to see any side except their own side.

    I wonder if a petition will do any good. Do you think 5-6000 names on a petiton to open the Forest Preserve for hunting would do any good?
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    Default I guess they got elected to serve the commitee not the public.

    I can get the first 50 signatures on the list right now.
    What I don't understand is the money revenue they are trying to develop,and they can't see it from our point of veiw as bowhunters.I work hard everyday and spend most of my income on deer hunting and archery and fishing crap.
    The aldermen don't bowhunt and don't know what deer are really about at all,or they would not have feelings in this matter.
    Bambi was a buck that ended up on there forefathers dinner table well before red lobster and cliffbreakers was around.
    If it wasn't for the whitetail deer many of us wouldn't be here.
    Never does this cross the mind of the people opposed to deer hunting and are now vegitarians,as the way we got here? Ask the oldest family member you have and they will tell you what was on the dinner table 100 years ago for more than half of us.Wildgame wasn't even considered WILDGAME it was considered FOOD.
    I also know we live presently in the year 2004 and turkey and deer populations have gone insane compared to 5 years ago.What the committee don't see is WHY.
    As a contractor and know construction has risin 10 fold on the east side of rockford and roscoe,rockton.
    The houses,the condos,the mansions that most of all these people live in was cleared out of prime deer habitat.
    The Fact of the deer eating up all the habitat has little significance when these subdivisions are leveled to accommidate revenue.Where else do you think the deer are going to go when you destroy there home?
    Maybe somewhere they don't get shot at all year?
    Maybe the nearest park?
    It isn't rocket sceince, but a new gazebo in the backyard of a new subdivision was where a treestand use to be,for some of us.
    How much more development can the city do before someone realizes that our stores like home depot menards and lowes where parking lots and stripmalls are now is where there was a deer herd?
    If a tornado comes and devistates a aldermans/chairmans house,I would lay money he or she would chop down a prime section of forest and do it all over again.....but hey let's talk whitetails,and really let's do something better for the community besides worry about some deer problem....Let's build a mall of america on rockcut state park.Mise well people.
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    Default Posting

    Thanks Chris for posting. I also posted in the suggested Rock River Times forum and suggest others to do the same. I hope to see you tonight and will bring along details on who is elected from what districts. If I could have someone make some copies to deliver, I will send them via e-mail, just ask at

    Jim McFarlane

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