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    Default Qad Ultra Rest Hd

    I Am Shooting The New Bowtech Guardian And I Have The Qad Ultra Rest Hd ($120) And Its Hitting My Vane. I Have I Blazer Up And Its Hitting On The Left Blazer. Does Anybody Have Any Suggestions How To Fix This. I Got It Papertuned And They Said It Cant Get Any Better.

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    when the pro shop set mine up on my x-force they didn't readjust it out of the package it was set up as far left as as it would go needless to say when i got home and shot it it was shooting left and hitting the fletching
    What i did to fix it was change the launcher to the tl1 and moved it on the shaft to the other setting (there is three holes on the shaft I moved it over one hole to the right) centered the rest and redid my center shot alignment fixed my clearance problem and my problem of shooting left

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