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    Default Matthews switchback trade for target bow

    I have a 1 week old Matthews Switchback that I would like to trade for a target bow. Matthews, Bowtech or Hoyt. My switchback is less then a week old and was shot less then 200 times. It has a Matthews HD drop away/shoot through rest and a TrueGlo 5 pin sight it also has a Vibracheck 8 inch stab. All items are 10 out of 10. As you all know the Switchback is one of the best bows on the market but I have no need for 2.

    If you have a nice target bow and are intrested in a possible trade please send me and E-mail with description and pictures if you have them to:

    28 inch draw (other cams are avaliable for about $65.00 at your Matthews dealer)
    70 pound limbs

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