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    The loss of K.E. is small compared to what you get shooting 30 fps faster than normal. Flat trojectory, and less yardage errors. My last 5 kills were pass threws and 2 were over 40 yds. I would not worry about K.E. until I was hunting a larger frame animals like elk, moose, or bear.
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    I recently switched arrows. My old arrows were shooting 260 fps at 360 gr. with 52 point something for the KE.

    My new arrows are 300 gr. and shooting 279 fps. I barely lost any KE at all so I think the advantages of the faster arrow is going to help alot more than it hurts with the KE. My new ones are 51.87 lbs. KE.

    I lost like 1/2 lb. KE but it should still be plenty of enough for anything I am hunting.

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    I shoot 28 3/4 inch carbon X-WEAVES 404 grains at 278 fps.


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