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    Cool Smoke sticks(whatever they're called)

    Anyone use any of these incent type deer lures/ attractants? I have moved into a dangerous area (not knowing what way the deer will be coming from) and I'd like to use something for scent coverup. Something that wont bother the deer that is.... just in case Is there something safe out there? Can't be apples, acorns, or pines around, just deer!

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    Never used the smoke sticks. But for cover scent, spray racoon urine on your boots.
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    Default Back to the basics huh

    I haven't sprayed urine on my boots in so long I think I forgot about the stuff. Usually try to set up so I don't have a chance to get busted then be as scent free as possible. Good idea though, not knowing which way the deer will come from I think I'll buy a bottle of it again....thanks. Oh man piss on my new Rocky rubber boots.

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    Default Not a fan of scent sticks

    I have tried scent sticks in several different situations. The best response I got was using the Rutrageous sticks in mid November . The Mule deer bucks seemed very interested but Whitetails Seemed spooky about the smell.(And I did'nt have a Mulie tag) I have use the early season sticks and only got the attention of does and small bucks (that is they stopped when they came across the scent but they never came to it) This last fall I used the early sticks in late Sept. and witnessed two big bucks who were going to walk right past my stand , stop dead in their tracks and make a very long detour around the smell. The long and the short of it as far as I can tell is that they may find the scent appealing but it doen'nt belong in the woods and I think that the mature whitetail buck is not going to make that mistake. I never saw those two bucks again all season .

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