Hey all, I'm a new member to this forum. I started bowhunting in '90 but haven't been hunting for about 8 years due to college, career, and loss of hunting areas. This is my first year back into the sport. Anyway, my g/fs brother is eager to start deer hunting (late in the season, I know), but I was thinking of finding him a used bow off ebay. Do you think it's a good idea? I shoot an old Oneida Aeroforce I've had since '94, so I'm not really up on the new single cam-super short bows out now. He's a pretty good sized dude and is fairly fit so I see no problem in him pulling a 70 + lb. bow. Do you have any brand suggestions for a used compound (apx $200, I ain't got alot of bank, y'know)? Also, I've forgotten how to measure someone for draw length. Don't you hold your arms out parallel to the ground and put your hands together and measure from chest to finger tips? Can anyone refresh my memory? Thanks!