I have heard alot of talk about some people using vanes and saying they are the best and I know of alot of people that swear by feathers are the quietest and lightest and the best? What is really true about each? I also know that feathers can get wet and not perform correctly, but are they truly quieter and are they faster? My second question is which is better to have-a right helical feather or vane or a straight feather or vane? The helical i was told helps the arrow in flight and is "more forgiving" for the Mathews Q2-XL i shoot that has a muzzy zero effect rest with 29" draw and I am shooting 26 1/2" ICS Hunter carbon arrows with 100 grain Muzzy broadheads and getting 285 f.p.s.. What facts do you know about arrows and what is really the best arrow for being forgiving and quiet for me?

Thanks, Pete