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    Default New Guy on the Block

    Just to let people know I'm around. A little history. Started shooting in 1972 and couldn't keep four arrows on a 4' target. This year makes 30 years I've been shooting compounds bows. Have never had one in a shop for work. The only thing I don't do is manufacture strings.

    Been a staff shooter for 11 years now, with four different companies, presently with Martin Archery.
    Presently shooting a SlayR, 27.5" draw, 55lbs doing 293+fps, IBO. Hunting setup is doing 280fps.

    I'm 57, retired, and not near the shooter I used to be, but still shoot nearly every day. I don't shoot competitively anymore, but for fun. What I enjoy most is helping people with less knowledge than myself, and often learning something new in the process. It's that "pass it on" thing that keeps me going.

    I work part-time at a Gander Mountain Store in Harisburg, Pa. in the archery dept. If your in the neighborhood stop and see me. I might not be there, as I only work a couple days a week.


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    Welcome to the Archery Forum. That Slayr is smoking for that draw length. This is the first Martin bow that cause me to do a double-take. I really like the looks of it and from your specs its a quick shooting bow. If it shoots half as good as it looks, they have a winner.
    Chris Christenson - Admin - Find Archery Shoots near you - Archery Supplies

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    Default Your no stranger

    Hey there,really enjoyed your posts before on archery world,glad to see you have aquired some even better knowledge.welcome aboard,really need more guys like you on this website.

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    welcome aboard

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