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Thread: which bow

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    Question which bow

    what is best new bow switchback or xt or bowtech allegiance or what

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    Each bow is going to have positives and negatives. Between the XT and the 05 switchback, I would lean to the XT unless you feel the 31" is too short. I've shot the XT quite a bit and it shoots awesome.

    Now between the XT and the Bowtech. You need to shoot both of these and decide for yourself. Check out how the shot feels, how the grip feels, any handshock, how the bow draws etc.

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    Default Customer Service

    How is the customer service and turn around time between these two companies, for parts, bows, ect....

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    Service is excellent from both companies. Delivery will vary depending on demand of the bow. The XT bows are not expected here until around Christmas. The bowtechs are coming in steadily now.

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    Default bowtech or Xt

    for the last year and a half i have shoot the bowtech patriot for competion ,put when i found out that bowtech was droping it and switching to binary cams i decided it was time to find a diffrent bow to shoot.
    when i first saw the new switchback i was alittle about the 31 inch axle to axle but after the first shoot i was on board and know the proad owner of a XT

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    It depends what you want out of the bow, the bowtech tribute will shoot very similar to the xt, brace height 7.5 inches, both very paralell limbs, both very quiet with little or no vibration, the only difference is in the speeds these bows shoot, the tribute with the smooth mod is about 6fps faster, with the fast mod its around 15 fps faster, if you are a speed freak go with the allegiance, still very parellel, like last years swithchback, smooth quiet and with smooth mod 15 fps faster, fast mod 25 -28 fps faster, both are great bows, resale better on mathews, roller guard I think is better on the mathews and I like the dampners on the mathews also, shoot both bows like Chris said, you won't go wrong with either bow.

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    Default I would shoot them...

    I still have a hard time in coming to grips on which bows shoot better to me,because some bows might not be totally vibration free even twangy,they still are tackdrivers.
    Some are so fast....but,really you can miss just as fast with them.
    I like a bow that has it all.
    Axle to axle.
    Enough speed.
    Adjustablility in drawlength or letoff.
    You find one that suits your requirements.
    You won't find out from any of us which one you should shoot,you will just know when you start grouping yourself.
    I suggest shooting them as Chris said.

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