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    Default Info on Mathews Outback

    JUst wanted to hear some good info about this bow. Bought it online and am waiting on it to arrive. I am getting back into bow hunting after 7 years out of it, and must say i almost can't sleep at night due to the excitement. Anyway just wanted to hear some pros and cons of this bow. I have it set up with whisker biscuit rest, trophy ridge sight. Its a pendelum sight and I am not sure about that either......any help would be appreciated!

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    Well, you are getting a great bow. Few years back was there top seller. till the switchback came out. whisker bicuit is fine to use. sight is decent. But I'd get rid of the pendelum sight. I used one years ago. And alot of issue's. Get a nice fiber optic sight. And you'll be fine. Congrates on the bow too!!!!!!!!!
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    If its not too personal, how much and where did you buy it from. Private, Ebay or Online.

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    Congrats on the new bow. The Outback is an awesome shooter. When it came out I almost bought one but could not see spending that much on a bow. Then a couple years later I bought the SB XT. And have'nt regretted it yet. You will be happy. The WB rest is great. I have not ever used a pendelum sight so I cannot comment on that. Oh and WELCOME back to archery hunting.


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    outback is a great bow!!!!
    I cut things up and split them down!

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