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Thread: 3-D Indoor Fun!

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    Default 3-D Indoor Fun!

    Our club started up with our new league for the next 8 weeks and it's 3-D animal fun. I've never done 3-D and I was so afraid of what they had up their sleeves. Apparantely they do some crazy stuff and I never know what is true and not with these guys. They like to tease alot so who knows what is next. They had 7 animal targets which you rotate thru 2 times. Total score is 308 and I ended up with a 285 this time. Could be that one shot I had as a miss cause I hit the wrong target Here's a pic with our "tree stand" which as you can see ....they did shake while I was on it. I figured out to just lean up against the railing...which for the 1st time up there was giving me a seizure LOL. It was alot of fun and they change the setup as the weeks go on to make it more difficult. I hear they do something with an inner tube and a piece of wood...but lucky for me they need a new inner tube.
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    That's pretty neat Chelle...

    Glad you had fun.


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    How long are the shots.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe_P. View Post
    How long are the shots.
    looks like its in a barn so they may get some long shots.....
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    Nice, big place!
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    Looks like a lot of fun! Wish i had something around here like that.
    That course was so easy I even missed a target !!

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    That looks great Chelleo. Good luck at whoopin them at their own game. How many people are shooting the league??

    By the way I would load up on BEAN BURRITOS the day before the shoot. Then see if they shake the stand.


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