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    Question Buying A New Bow

    I'm a bowhunter period..And quiet and smooth are all I care about.I have always stayed away from short ATA bows for accuracy's sake.Now I read that the Mathews Switchback XT is a real shooter even at 31".Are these guys for real,or are they Mathews dealers I Would like to hear from some of you that have tested the bow,and are as particular about your hunting setup as I am.THANKS GUYS !!!

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    They are definately for real! The mathews, and for that matter, the other short ata bows are real shooters. Go out and shoot all of them, and I am sure you will end up with a new bow.

    I did, and ended up buying a Hoyt Vtec, a little longer ata than the switchback xt, but it's a tackdriver!

    I have shot the switchback xt, and it will perform in the woods. It is a very nice peice of equipment.
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    I had a mathews outback, and I could not shoot it very well, I have a 30 inch draw and thought the bow was to short, I went to the bowtech allegience 33 ata, I shoot it really well, I 'am looking at a new bow again so I went and shot the bowtechs this morning, the new tribute is also around 31 ATA, I have to say I was very impressed it shot very nice, now I don't know what to do, I thought for sure I would buy another allegience but I shot the two side by side and I actually thought the the tribute was smoother and quieter, I also shot the new switchback, very smooth very quiet and very accurate, alot different from the outback, I just wish it came in 80 lb. draw weight, so I quess I would suggest that you definetly shoot the bow. I think with these new parellel limb bows they have made them more accurate and easier to shoot at the shorter ata's.

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    They are for real.

    Phenominal bow, practically sell themselves.

    enough said.

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    I have shot the XT and if quiet and soft are what you are looking for - THIS IS YOUR BOW.

    I'm an end user only - and have the '06 Allegiance on order so you can trust the source. I don't even like Mathews (too much on the dampeners, roller guards and feels "fat" to me) - Don't jump me - just my opion.

    No bias here - if those are your "gotta have it" requirements you will like the XT. Hope this helps.

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