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    Default arrow rest for hunting recurve


    Is anyone hunting with a take-down recurve, and what arrow rest are you using?
    I'm shooting now 'off the shelf' (with some fabric there for a silent shot), but would like to get a decent rest for hunting.
    I'm considering a Cavelier free flyte but I'm not sure if this is the proper rest for hunting.

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    I don't know, I've always shot off the shelf...???

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    When I shot with fingers it was with a flipper/plunger combo. The free flight has a good reputation. You could use this type as is or with a plunger.
    The advantage of using that type of set-up is the ability to tune the rest/plunger tension and not just have to go by arrow spine alone. I'm looking to set up a recurve with a compound riser, and likely I'll use a free flight plunger combo. And yes, I would use it to hunt with.

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    thanks Red,
    just wanted to make sure I could use it for hunting.
    The thing thats sits on my riser shelf now (furry thing) is almost worn after just a couple days of practise.
    I agree, with the rest/plunger combo you're more flexible.

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    Default Rest!

    I shoot a PSE-TALON, take down and i use a springie rest!
    Works great!

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