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    Default ProString custom bow strings ans cables

    I have made the change from Winner's Choice to ProString and I am impressed. I installed the strings and cables. shot the bow 20 times, then fine tuned the cams and installed the peep. The ProStrings have been on the bow for a couple of weeks, and I have put over 1000 shots on them, and there has been no stretch or peep rotation at all. I marked the cams and they are still right on the marks and the axle-to-axle measurements are perfect. This set of strings and cables are made out of 452X, the same material my WC strings were made from.

    I feel ProStrings are just as good as the Winner's Choice strings that I have used over the past few years and they are about 50% cheaper than the WC.

    I will keep you updated as the year goes by.

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