Here goes somethin.......

We will be starting another league on August 24th. That is next friday. I need scores PM'd to me by midnight on August 23rd. That is next thursday. This league will run 5 weeks to make sure we give Dredly a few days to put on his camo and hang a tree stand.

We will be using the standard 5-spot target face. White is worth 5 points, blue is worth 4. For our scoring purposes, the "X" will count as 6 points. We will be shooting a full round of 12 ends. 5 arrows per end for a total of 60 arrows. Total possible is 360.

Scores must be shot at 20 yards or 60 feet. If touching the line, score the higher ring. When submitting scores, add the X's into the per end score. Meaning, If I shot a 25 with 5Xs, I would just type 30. So Bowman's scores should look something like this:

29,29,29,29,29,29,29,29,29,29,29,29 48X (cause we know he won't hit 5 X's in a row.)

Add up your X's at the end.

You don't have to use the same equipment throughout the entire 5 weeks.

Details regarding giveaways will be coming between now and then.

If you want to moan and complain about anything start another thread. Actually there is already one started in General Archery section that you can post on and draw out.

If you want to play, add your name to the list and post it again. This is just to give an idea of how many there will be. If you aren't on the list Thursday, you can still shoot....