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    Question Whitetail Hunting in Vermont

    Greetings Readers!
    I am about to move to Vermont, and was wondering if anyone had ever hunted whitetail in Vermont and where? I am excited about the opportunity to hunt larger areas, such as Green Mtn. National Forest. Thanks,

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    Unhappy Hunting in Vermont

    Hey, I have lived in vermont all my life and hunted since I was 10. I dont want to get you down but vermont is about the worst hunting state in the northeast. I hunt both Westren New York and northren PA because if I want a chance at a nice buck you have to go else where. I am not saying you wont get a chance at a big one but you have to really hunt hard just to get a buck of any size.

    Well I could write on forever about this subject but I dont have time, but if you have anymore questions just ask.

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    Default oops

    I guess I have to start looking at the dates letters where posted

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