I own a outback for hunting,and a ovation for 3d/target,I am now maxed out at 68 lbs on the outback,and 66.5 lbs on the ovation.
Now I know the axle to axle is right,and the timing is right,and the brace is close,there are no questions whether or not it's right...
I am about ready to snap,feel like driving to wisconsin and throw this ovation through a window of the manufacturers plant.
I have heard not from a couple of people,but from every Ovation owner that there not getting 70 lbs.at full tilt.
I got a new limbs,and now today,they might send me some more new ones or something?!?
This may not be true for somebody who pulls one out of the box,but not even 6 months,come on....
The lx was sporting 71 all the way to the treestand last year.the sq2 I owned for 3 years was lingering at 70 when I sold it.
I'm not into tweeeking the crap out of my bows,I want them to do and say what it is suppose to say and do.
I also noticed that the clearance tolerance on all mathews really isn't to sweet but short as well.Todays new fletchings blazers and quickspins are running around 5/8",probably undoubtably the best vanes to hit the archery market.If I got fatboys or speed23,or another great fatshaft as I do own,and want to try shooting some of these wonderfull vanes through mathews with instead of duravanes,I can forget about it???????,welcome to the left tear world.
I have never ever in my intire life been more discusted with mathews,and almost 10 years is about enough for me.I really hope 2005 isn't like 2004 for mathews.
I also am not one to bash.This is the way that it is.
I owned enough of them and loved to shoot almost all my bows,I just don't know what to buy now.
Maybe someone from mathews is doing some feedback in there product research after this years ovation, man.I am looking for solid information here.Not a bunch of hipe,and surely not any trouble with anyone.Clear.