Hello there. I am pretty new to this web-site and have a question for any one that can help. I have been shooting a scott little goose ever since I have started to bow hunt. I have currently gotten involved in shooting 3-d and got involved with a local sporting goods store and they have now sponsored me. Along with that I looked into shooting a back-tension release. I am now a co-op shooter for Carter and I am shooting a Insatiable. I love the Bt release but have problems. I am shooting a hoyt supertec at 29". I put as small of a loop on the bow as possible but at extreme angles I have a hard time getting it to go off.

My question does anyone shoot a bt without the loop and just snaps it to the serving like the jaws on a scott/other release?

Any help would be great. P.S. I am unable to adjust the draw-length on the supertec because they are not adjustable. I am currently shooting a gold-tip X-Cutter at 26-1/2 weighing in at 336 grains. My bow is set at 60 lbs and I am getting 310 fps out of them. They also tuned awesomely. I also just changed my fletching over to bohning's blazer's. Remarkable fletchings!!