Kishwaukee Archers 5th Annual Indoor 3-D Championship

You must shoot 2 of the 3 qualifiers.
Dates: January 6-7-8 Times: Fri. 6:00pm-8:00 pm
February 3-4-5 Sat. 7:00am-4:00pm
March 3-4-5 Sun. 7:00am-2:00pm

Championship Date: March 25 Trophy Division
March 26 Cash Division

1st ranked shooter- $200 prize money (from Professional Bowhunters Archery)
64th ranked shooter- $200 prize money
65th ranked shooter- $100+$100 Gift Certificate for a new bow (from Indian Creek Archery)
128th ranked shooter- $100 prize money

The top 64 ranked shooters will shoot for $3000
The second 64 ranked shooters will shoot for 20 places of trophies.

Championship Flight Payout: 1st Place-$1000 Next 10 places pays a total of $1000
"Bush" Flight" payout: 1st Place-$500 Next 10 places pays a total of $500
If you lose in the first round, you will move to the "bush" flight. If you lose after that you are eliminated.

Shooters will be ranked by scores shot at the qualifiers

Entry fees: $15 16yr and under $5 Family max $40 range # 815 899-6699
This shoot is being run by Randy Rutledge. He has done some great things with this shoot.It has become one the best shoots around.

If you have any questions fell free to ask or PM me.
Hope to see everyone there. Jeff Borg