First time poster, but long time archer.
My wife and I recently purchased two compound bows and equipment. Been shooting these about 4 months.
Years ago we used to shoot stick bows, but decided to upgrade and join the rest of the world.
I have a Matthews Ovation 60lb (set at 58), My wife has a Hoyt RazorTech 30lb (set at 28).
We both have Extreme Sniper sights, Bodoodle rests, and use Cobra ProCaliper releases.
I shoot XX75 2216's (feathers) and my wife, Jazz 1816's (feathers).
We have set up a range out to 50 yards, but want to shoot out to 70.
The question: The sight I have now doesn't have the room to allow pins for 60 to 70 yards because of the arrow drop. My wife's can only get to 40 yards. Should we go with lighter arrows or purchase new target-type sights which we'll have to move at different ranges? Our local dealer is only concerned with hunters, and is not very helpful with target shooters.
We plan to set up our own walking field/3D course on our property.
Thanks in advance.