New to the forum and archery, need suggestions.
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    Default New to the forum and archery, need suggestions.

    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking to really get into archery after enjoying it during my senior year of high school and this semester at college (we have an archery team).

    So I'm looking to get my own equipment. Now, based off my other hobbies, my progression usually goes: get an entry-level setup, use it for a few months, then sell it and get something really nice. I'm going to learn from that, plus already using some cheapo stuff at school, I'm looking to cut out the middleman and go for a nice setup right off the bat.

    From my looking around and what other people on the team shoot, Win & Win bows have caught my eye (I'm looking at recurves). But from browsing different forums, it seems hard to find much talk about their bows, it looks to be dominated by Martin, Hoyt, PSE, and Bowtech. Is it because these other bows are much better?

    Specifically, I'm thinking of the Infinite riser and Everest Pro limbs. Any opinions of that setup? How about other parts of the package like good carbon arrows, stabilizers, and v-bars?
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