So my wife has been in California for the last few days and the kids didn’t have school today (4 day weekend?), so I took off the day to be with them…

Now I understand how tough my wife has it: (Please remember my kids are 10 & 6)

8:00 am – My kids woke me up
8:30 am – Logged on to work and
9:00 am – Fed the kids Breakfast (cereal) and had them wash up
10:00 am – power goes out and we can’t watch TV. So the 4 of us (the dog included) take a hike at the club.
11:30 am – Come back home. (Power’s not on) So we play Nintendo DS
12:15 pm – power comes back on and the kids leave me to watch TV
12:30 pm - Set up my target and shot for awhile in the front yard. My son and I shoot for awhile and I also got week 3 done for the 5spot league.
1:00 pm – Kids and I are hungry. We eat Ice cream for lunch! (Have to make sure they get their servings of calcium)
2:00 pm – Dog gets loose and chases 2 does and a small 6 point in the yard.
2:30 pm – Recover dog from the woods from the backyard
3:00 pm – Took a shower and got ready for us to go to dinner (Applebees)
3:30 pm – go out to dinner and went to the store (needed to buy more ice cream)
5:00 pm – Come home and get online to check work’s emails and

I should do this more often, it’s been one heck of a day!!!

All I can think about is if the kids had school and didn't have to work, how much shooting I could do during the day