I recently was given my grandfathers bow. It is a Jennings Arrowstar Mach 2. Its rather old but is in perfect condition. I am intending on using it for indoor and the occasional outdoor paper shoot. With this in mind, how small can i make my own feathers and keep them effective?

Right now, the arrows i have with the bow are about an inch short for my draw length. I have plenty of arrows to shoot out of it, but the originals had really small duravanes on them. My question is, can i make the feathers slightly bigger than the duravanes and keep them effective?

I want to shoot feathers because it is something that you dont see too often on aluminum arrows, and i think it will be fitting given that the bow is something you dont see verry often either.

Should i just buy the duravanes and be done with it or use feathers?

I have the burner to shape the feathers, so thats not something i need to consider getting just for what i had in mind.