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    Question Thinking of returning to archery, stupid question alert


    I learned archery many, MANY years ago in Scouts and even had my own fiberglass recurve I shot at home for many years. I'm thinking about getting back into it, but I think someone may have miss-trained me all those years ago.

    The bows we used in Scouts, and my old recurve, were universal - neither right nor left hand. I am right handed (hold the bow in my left, draw the string with my right), and at the time I was taught to rest the arrow between the knuckle of my left thumb and the bow - that is, on the right side of the bow.

    However, the right-handed traditional bows I'm seeing these days have the arrow shelf on the left side of the bow.

    So the stupid question is this - is this just a question of style (one technique vs. another) or did someone mess me up at an early age?

    Or third option - maybe I wasn't paying attention as a kid, and the instructors didn't bother to correct me?


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    I'm not an expert in traditional equipment but that's not right.

    Right handed shooter (pull with right), the arrow should be on the left side of the bow.
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    Lightbulb Just keep trying

    I think you should just keep trying to shoot, but you might try using a compound I like Hoyts, but there are many others out there.
    I have been shooting from a young age and am still shooting,after so just keep up the work and send me a reply after you read this.

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    Default Keep looking

    Try to find yourself a nice comfortable bow. I'd suggest an older Hoyt. MT Sport or Razortec. Othewise take a look at PSE. They have a decent line of bows for the price, and they're good for an entry level shooter.

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