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    Default Crossbows allowed in Illinois for fall 2007 archery season?

    I just heard that IL is going to allow you to use crossbows in Illinois during the archery season if you are age 62 or older. I think this is a good idea. I know some will think otherwise but I don't.

    I have quite a few guys come in that are about that age that state that they want to hunt but can't pull the bows anymore.
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    I think its good for older and disabled people to get to use a cross bow, theirs still more challange with a cross bow then with a rifle.

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    i hope i can still hunt when i am in my 60's and if i cant pull a bow back then i would rather use a croos bow than a rifle if i had the choice

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    not sure what a croos bow is but what i meant was a cross bow... may have to invent one of those when i get older though

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    I think this is a good thing. They also changed the time for gun hunting to a half hour past sunset. I always hated having to get down from my stand when it is prime time. Sorry, I know this is a bowhunting forum.

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    Default Great!

    It is a good thing for the disabled and senior's and was for a long time in VA.
    But if they open it to all like they did down here,Well Chris they wont need you anymore!
    Almost all archery pro-shops have closed in our state, Only 2 or 3 left within 100 miles of me,There use to be 5 or six within 50miles of me.
    The problem is after they buy the crossbow they dont need anything done to it, and now they just order one out of bass-pro or Cabelas!
    Believe me you dont want it in your state full force!
    Check out on your forum now how many archery clubs are on your sight in VA within 50 miles of central VA Zip 23120 which is a 75 mile zone!
    10 years ago there use to be 10
    When i ask the older archers at Dixie bow club they stated Cross bows are killing our sport!

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