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    Default Whitetail season is getting closer!

    I know it's still summer,we got some weeks to go.I just thought I would ask if anyone as dedicated to there herd seen any full antler development,thinking of putting out a camera soon.
    Gotta a little clearing out to do in some new locations and thought I would do so here in the next two weeks.Got alot of work to do if I am gonna get big boy this year.
    I feel that maybe some of us can reflect on what plot does to antlers.My plot has grown extremely well this year.Thinking of doing some fall plot as well,anyone recommend any fall choices for seed?The Brissicas did good for me 2 years ago,every morning and night eat eat eat,green till christmas.
    Anything else bring them in late for you avid hunters?
    I hope to be hunting september in get some of this out of do I got a few dandys I hope to harvest this year,I just know it.

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    sep 11th bow season opens here, and i will hunt when it cools down a bit, but i sure am ready
    Here's my setup Mathews Outback, Alpine Soft-Loc 5 arrow Quiver, Impact Solo-site, NAP Quicktune 2000 RG Arrow rest, Vibracheck stabilizer, Sims Ultra Limb Savers, Scott Mongoose NCS Release. Shooting Easton Axis Arrows (400's)

    "The beast is dead, Long live the beast!"

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    Default Got some scouting to do

    I want to get my cameras out this weekendand see where to hunt.Anyone have any perticular setups that they have been using to draw in early season whitetails?

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