Hey there, I'm quite new to this sport and would like to find out the opinions of the crowd, am planning to get a bow soon but am quite lost in the fields of limbs. Mathews added on their site that they have determined split limbs to be inferior cos they often have an unbalanced load. But at the same time, Hoyt mentioned that split limbs creates much more lateral and torsional stability than that of a traditional 1 inch solid limb design, also it's prevention against limbs crack? Of course, as a female, Hoyt's designs are more cosmetic, but I would like a trustworthy bow that will be able to stick with me for a good period of time. So please get back to this post people, as much replies as possible! needing all the help i can get..thank you!!

Pardon me if i'm using the wrong terms, hope you all can understand me.