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    Default Ata Show New Product News!!!!!!!!

    hey everyone, Parker Productions has another awesome new product out this year. The Radius Cable Slide. it has ears to attach your fallaway rest cord, and due to the radius curve where the cables go through it, there is less friction and wear on the cables. this results in more speed. on a 37 in Ross we gained 2 fps, and on the 34 in Ross we gained 6 fps. we expect more on the 31 in bows but no bow to test until after the ata show. we'll test it and let you know. this works on right or left handed bows, it can be ordered next week by calling dwain at 509 336 1169 7am to 6 pm pst. should be in the $12 to $14 dollor range. it can also be purchased in a package with their arrow holder. not sure what the package price is yet but dwain will know.
    sweet little probuct.

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    a couple of pics of it on my Ross.

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    here's two of the arrow holder.
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    Default I tried doing the cable slide thing...

    It created even more torque than just putting it right to my cable.
    Could not get it to work on the bowtech.
    Could be working fine for single cams though.
    It looks like a winner though.
    how much for the arrow holders?

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    ya know i had trouble with the bowtech slide as well, but this one i haven't had trouble with but i haven't tried it on a dual cam yet.
    the arrow holder is $5.95 each. if you have anymore ? feel free to ask or p.m. me.


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