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    Default Total Starvation.

    Little Johnie on starvation.

    One day in school the teacher gives an assignment to draw a picture of what total starvation is. She gives the class 15 minutes then asks if anybody wants to come forward and show there pic and tell the class about it. So Susie raises her hand first. She drew a shack of a house with table and chairs and dishes but no food on the table. The teacher says to Susie you have the right idea except we donít know if the table was just set for a meal to be eaten. So then mike raises his hand and he had drawn a picture of empty shelves, and empty fridge and empty table. Again the teacher say you have the right idea, but they may of went outside to bar b que and took everything that was left in the fridge and cabinets for this event. So Johnie in the back is jumping up and down screaming me next me next. Well the teach being somewhat afraid of Johnie decided to go ahead and call on him. So Johnie walks up in front of the class. He show a picture of a circle with lines crossed all thru it. Teacher totally confused asked Johnie what is that picture of to which Johnie repies, itís an arse hole with cobwebs, and that is total starvation.

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    I don't care who ya are thats funny right there!

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