The reason I even started this is to try to find some people who may have a little input as to what people may use to send some free samples to try of a new product I am getting ready to produce.

I am in no way offering it for sale here. I am just looking for some input from the type of people who may actually be using it.

It is a reflective trail flagging tape. It is hard to find in the daylight but very easy to see at night. It will come on spools like the kind teflon tape comes on. Each spool will contain approximately 20' of 1/2" wide tape that is tacky on the back side.

Actual data about the tape from the manufacture:
Exposed reflective lens with adhesive. Luminance 200X at 90`angle, 100X at 45` angle.(Expressed as times brighter than a perfectly diffusing white surface).


You can use as little as you wish maybe 1/8" per flag ,or as much as you wish 1 foot per flag. You can put a flag every 2 foot or do like we do and put one every 50 to 100 yards. We have used this product for more than 5 years and the tape does degrade over time but I can show you some that has been there more than 3 years and you can still see it with a small flashlight, even led's. I think it looks best with the red LEDs but, do not trip over that log.

I am in search of 10 people who can give me an unbiased opinion of this product. Who will give it an honest try. If you are interested let me know why I should choose you to test this product.

It all depends on what the final word of the person I am trying to get to spool it for me but,
I am looking at a resale price of around $7.00 to $9.00 per spool and if you send me the empty spool and cap back, with either a self addressed envelope or pay shipping, I will refill or send you a replacement for $5.00.

I had to have the spools special made so that they could be identified from those someone may send in from a roll of teflon, modern technology, ain't it grest.

If you are interested let me know and I will choose 10 people whom I believe will actually test this for me and then give an unbiased opinion. If I pick you I will send you info as to where to email me with details of how to obtain approximately 5' of this product to sample.

I will also show you photos of this product in use in daylight and even better night time use.

I am rying to see if this is actually worth my time or not. If not I myself and a select few will continue to use it ourselves.

Thank you for your time and patience. if you are interested you may email me here

Can read more about it and see photos at the link below;f=4;t=000528