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Thread: sight light

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    Default sight light

    I have the new flash point sights love em. Any body know of a universal sight light that can be used on them. ross cardiac,ripcord rest;maxima hunter arrows,fuse quiver

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    no need to add light my .02

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    Thats the great thing about Flashpoints always the right amount of brightness. My .02


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    My carolina fox fire tp delux came with one on it and the only time i ever use it is playing around in the back yard late in the evenings...pins are plenty bright.Also have them on my rt 900's and never use them....those sights don't need any help.

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    I bought a sight light and it was a waste of money.
    If you turn that thing on (at least with mine) before sunrise the pins are so bright that you could not see any kind of dark target.
    I tried to sell it, I could not, so I dumped it in the trash.

    Having said that, it does depend on the sight and kind/length of fibers. A light might work good for some sights but the difference between on and off is HUGE in every case I have seen.

    For me, too bright of pin on a dark target = not being able to see to take a shot...


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