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    Question Easton Arrow Chart ?

    I've read that Eastons spine chart is not all that accurate. Do they recommend too light or too heavy on the chart?

    Thanks for the replies

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    The Easton arrow chart is a guide for proper arrow selection. Easton even states as much right on the chart. But from everything I have seen in my 20 plus years in this sport, not many archers vary from what info the chart gives.
    I have not used the arrow chart exclusively, but I have refered to it when things just were not adding up. (improper arrow flight)
    As to your question of Easton going too heavy or too light in the choices they give, I would lean to the heavy side. I would also say that this is to error on the side of safety. One must remember that for years upon years, archers shot arrows and harvested game with heavy arrows. ( by todays' standards.) And with the need for speed so pronounced these days, I think that easton is smart in doing such.
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    Use it as a starting point and go from there.
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    When all else your pro shop.
    I have a great shop that I deal with, and the owner is the most informed archer/tech I have ever met. If he says it's right, I have to trust him........hasn't steered me wrong yet!
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