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Thread: best recurve?

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    Default best recurve?

    whats the best for hunting?

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    Default Recurve Bows

    "Black Widow" makes a great bow but they're not cheap! A quality recurve is not the cheapest way to go, but you get what you pay for. If someone was just starting out I suppose you could pick up a cheaper one or look for a used one to save some $$$. Just be careful to watch for twisted limbs, and splits in the lamination, if you do buy used. Jeff

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    My biggest buck to date, 15-point 182" Gross, fell to a Black Widow mind you, most
    of the better recurves will get the job DONE...

    ...actually, truthfully it's really up to the "indian"...

    On November 5, 1999 I had seen this buck at around 7:00 AM with two other bucks at about 300 yards away in a picked cornfield chasing does and fawns. I tried to rattle and grunt him in, but NO LUCK. At around 8:15 AM, I had spotted him at around 200 yards away and running towards my treestand. At 100 yards I grunted and bleated and he stopped. He slowly made his way to my treestand. At 7 yards and slowly walking broadside I drew back my recurve bow and watched as my cedar arrow disappeared behind his left shoulder. He ran about 80 yards and fell down. When I came upon him, I could not believe my eyes. 15 points, 27" inside spread, 318# live weight!! A TRUE Ohio Hog of a Whitetail Buck!!
    2008 82nd Airborne Realtree H/D Green, I shot the 101st first...and then the 82nd second...went with the 82nd FIRST....
    #65.16 @27.5", 26" 362 gr. Easton Nano 500, GrizzTricks, FOB = 320 fps, 82.33 ft./lbs. K.E., G5 Expert II
    2007 Commander Mossy Oak OBS #68.00 @??.?", 26" 383 gr. C/X Aramid 250, FOB = ??? fps

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    Default Yep!

    Thats why i picked OHIO to go on a hunt! Heard about 100 story's just like this one!
    I shoot recurve,but i think if i face a buck this big, i want my 285fps tryin to zip thru that fat boy!

    All recurves will do the job i shoot a 58lb PSE Talon.
    Black widow the widow maker to me is the best if ya got $1000 !
    But i could buy 4 talons at that price and they all would kill deer!

    Arrows..beman ICS hunter
    SURE-LOCK sights..Extreme scopes..TT rest
    Wheely Custom Quivers & Poston Stab's..Made in The U.S.A

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