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    Default Little Red Riding Hood.

    Little red riding hood left her house one day to take her grandma a basket of goodie's and as she was walking down the path a turtle said..becareful LRRH...the big bad wolf is out today and he'll eat you...LRRH said i'm not affraid of the big bad wolf and than started walking again when a rabbit careful LRRH...the big bad wolf is out today and he'll eat you..once again LRRH said..I'm not afraid of the big bad wolf and started down the path once more and than a bear said...LRRH be careful..the big bad wolf is out today and he'll eat you...Once again LRRH said..I am not afraid of him and started walking again and right before she got to grandma's house it happened.The big wolf jumped out of the bushes and said...ok LRRH..hand over that basket of food...she looked at him with a smile and set the basket down and pulled up her dress and said.....oh no you don't..your going to me just like the book said.

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    Not quite how I remember the book.

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    I cut things up and split them down!

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