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Thread: Draw Length

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    Default Draw Length

    I Am New To This Site. I Would Like To Know How To Measure Draw Length. I Cant Find Anyone Who Can Tell Me How To Do This. I Am Getting Ready To Buy My Wife A Bow And Would Like To Fit Her Right. Any Bow Shop That I Have Gone To Has Different Ideas None Are The Same. Thanks For The Help.

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    Easy way to do it with out the proper items. If she is right handed make a fist with her left hand, place on the wall with a slight bend at the elbow, remember, just a slight bend, and measure from the wall to the tip of her nose. This will get ya really close, within a 1/2" or so.

    But the best way is to just go to the pro shop and have her measured, only takes a second and at no cost, BP or Cabelas or any sports shop that carrys archery equipment can do it.

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