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    Default You Might Be a RedNeck if

    You practice shooting your bow at work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I used to when I worked in machining, now I work in engineering. I guess im still a redneck though, because I post while at work. HAHA!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tnts79 View Post
    I used to when I worked in machining, now I work in engineering. I guess im still a redneck though, because I post while at work. HAHA!
    I too must be a redneck because I only can post at work no internet at home

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    or if ya shoot 3 arrows up when you are lost

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    Default You might be a redneck if...

    you were chewing RedMan Golden Blend while treestandhunting, swallowed a little, got the hiccups and hiccupped your false teeth out of you mouth. Dad's false teeth fell 22 feet that day.
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    at one time the term 'redneck' meant honest ,hard working people. how the term got started was the coal mine owners and union was going to have a knock down shootum up fight. the miners all tied a red bandeau around their neck so they would know who not to shoot at. it turned out to be a small war.

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