I will consider a trade for a bowTech tomkat or BowTech guardian if you want to buy bare bow the price is $325 plus shipping /package set up with everything is $575 plus shipping.

PM me with any interest you may have.

Hoyt PowerTec 50-60 # set at 57# draw length is adjustable from 26 to 31
those draw length right now is 29 "

This bow is 2 yr. old the bow was not used very much, was purchased in the spring of 2006, I took up traditional longbow and hunted that year with my longbow, I've taken the Hoyt out hunting a couple of times. Absolutely nothing wrong with the bow, I still have warranty card (blank) that will come with package. It is a really smooth and quiet bow the Arrow setup I have now they shoot at 286 fps but I do shot a heavyarrow. The only thing that does not come with the package are the axis 400 arrows (shown) If interested PM me.

Vapor trail custom string & cables (put on last year Dec 2006)
Removed Hoyt's floating yoke (shoots great)

Let me list of things that are on the Hoyt

HHA one pin site with fiber-optic bluelight

Trophy taker Drop away rest

Lamb savers on both limbs

S coil limbs savers stabilizer

Tru Glo peep

Three Arrow quiver

Primo Bow case

Package $575.00 / BO + $25.00 S/H INS. /

Bare Bow with Custom string & cables $325.00 B/O+ shipping