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    Default how do i get sponsered

    I am 14 years old and i was just wondering how hard is it to get sponsered and how i would get sponsered for competition shooting.

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    If you want to be sponsored, first thing to do is to start attending large shoots and finish toward the top of the standings. 2, Be very considerate to others and act in a professional manner at all times, remember the companies are looking for some one to represent their products in a positive light. 3, write a shooters resume and include you archery experience, what shoots you have finished in the top 3, what your goals are and tell them what you can do to represent their product. 4, while your at the larger shoots there will be factory reps there, talk to them and let them get to know you.

    There are some companies that offer staff positions to any and everyone. Beware of them, The will offer you one product at a slight discount and let you advertise for them. Most will drop you after the first year because you were not on a staff, you were cheap advertisement.

    There are also co-op programs through your local pro shops. The dealer is not required to participate in these programs, and many will not because they have been taken advantage of before. When you sign up for a co-op agreement the dealer expects you to help at the shop, attend shoots and help get new customers. Many will require you to put in a certain amount of hours per week at the shop unpaid. As you can see there is a lot more to a sponsorship than free or discounted products.

    If I were you, I would wait for a while and gain some experience. Experiment with different products and find what you consider to be the best on the market, these are the products that you want to be sponsored by. Taking sponsorships for products that you don't believe in will do nothing to improve your shooting nor will it help to build your reputation. Being 14 you have plenty of time to get sponsors, right now work hard on being the best shooter you can be. Once you start winning the big shoots, the sponsors will come to you.

    Pro Staff Positions:

    True Spot Scopes
    Coffey Marketing
    WindStalker Cable Guard
    VaneTec vanes
    Prostring custom bow strings

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    thanks for the information

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    Reading your other posts, and seeing how young you are, follow Darrels' advice to the extreme.
    But above all, you need to shoot your butt off !! You need to be beyond good. Good cannot exist in your world, you need to be better than good. Shoot...shoot...shoot!!!!
    I shoot every day, at least 100 arrows. Some days at an indoor range to work on form, some days outside at my 3D targets working on yardage estimation.
    You need to shoot !!!
    Go to all the 3D shoots you can afford, or go to all the indoor ranges and join the leagues there. Gain all the experience you can.
    Another tip would be to get active and exercise. Being in good shape will never hurt.
    Tweak, tweak, tweak...

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    It really depends on what level of sponsorship you are looking for. If you are looking for bow factory pro staff, yes you need to be an excellent shot and attend many of the national shoots and consitently place in the top 5.

    For co-op, staff shooters do not need to be the best shot. You do need to be good though. You need to be the best spokesman for that shop, bring in customers and help out at the shop. As posted above professionalism is required at all times.
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    Default Co-op spots

    Make sure you believe in the shop!

    I think that is probably most important piece of a co-op position as you represent them and they represent you.

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    Fat Shafts Rule is right. Sponsorship is a two way street. Make sure the shop you get affiliated with runs it's business properly. If they are shady in their work or have a bad reputation, you are probably better off not getting sponsored by them.
    Chris Christenson - Admin - Find Archery Shoots near you - Archery Supplies

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    thanks for all the information.

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