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Thread: Nocturnal Bucks

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    i was kinda in the favor of earn a buck...had to tag a doe first...maybe i'm wrong on that one...we have a lot of doe's.
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    Some public places are like that, I generally always shoot a doe first during the season anyway, if luck is on my side! Good system to have in place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IChim2 View Post
    This has been a fool proof method for me....I always take a doe during the Rut(gun season) and i always carry a couple of those small eye drop bottles(kind that's got the little dropper that sucks it up out of the bottle) and when feild dressing her i fill the bottles with her urine.....I've had bucks come straight to this......nothing works better than the real thing...jmo

    Thats a great idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by IChim2 View Post
    Yep....just be careful not to contaminate(sp) it with other body fluids.Sometimes there's not much in there....but most the time there is.Make sure that the bottle/dropper is verry clean...i keep rinseing mine in hot tap water till i feel that it is.I use those small cotton ball's to put it on and when i'm done hunting i put it all back into a small ziploc baggie and put it in the refrig when i get home....or you can cut off her back scent glands and use them instead of the CB's...just keep everything cool as possible.
    This maybe one of the greatest ideas I will never try.

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    Default I use,

    Pure doe urine ( if i can get it)
    Go in the buck's bedroom and bust him in the dark, make a mock scrap,climb a tree real high atleast 20-30ft, wait until 9am and Rattle and grunt slow and low every 10minutes and within 1 hour get very loud with the grunts and rattles.
    If he's gonna come back to his bed he will.
    Ive taken a 20inch 9pt and a 17inch 8pt like this.
    They are both on my wall and were very preasured Nocturnal bucks.

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