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    Default Getting back in the water

    OK I know this baby is old but I love it. It has been 4 years last I shot it. I was thinking can I change the cams? Can the body be millled out some?thats more of a pipe dream, I was going to add a v-bar and drop rest. I am a small persone like 135lb 5'7" the bow fits me well. Ideas for my old friend would be cool. There is no way my wife will let me get a new bow.... You have a better chance seeing GOD so please try not to be hard on me
    thanks colt

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    is it a single cam? I have a ultra tec that was changed over from single to daul cams.
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    2 are on it.They are round and small.

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    Default Cam change

    It is possible to change the wheels to a single cam or dual cam system.
    The only problem that you will have is that you will LOSE between 15# and 20# of draw weight.
    The cost will be approx 1/2 the cost of a new Mission or Martin and you will have to find which cam will give you the proper draw length.

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    Contact for a set of V-bars and get shooting!!! for the finest stabilizers in the world Custom String Suppression for that shot of a lifetime
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    you can put cam @1/5 on them. it will just take some tinkering on strings. a friend of mine had I think an old target Sierra bow. he spent about a month playing to get it right. but it shoots fine. as long as the limbs are wide enough?
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    The numbers on the cams is 5. I have no clue what that is but it's there.

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