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    Default CWD, more bad news

    Check out this report on CWD that states it may possibly be contracted by eating the meat of a CWD infected deer. Also that the infection lives in the meat as well as the bones and brains.,00.html
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    great, 1 more reason to try and kill them all!

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    Thumbs down kinda disturbing

    Well, this could be used as fuel for the anti's

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    I live in Wis. and hunt in the heart of where C.W.D. was found at. Me and the 4 other guys i hunt with have taken in the past 5 years from one piece of land about 30+ deer and ont one positive. Think about this for a while. CWD has been around in other states for almost 30 years and who is to say it has not been around longer in other states. The only reason in my opinion that we know more about it now then before is the testing capabilities, and the inabillity to keep things quiet till we know more about them now. Look at the news and see what good things come out of it, if it is not scareing the hell out of people then its not news. Ok im done with the news LOL. What about other meat that we eat? You think the taco bell meat is better for us? not me lol. Even the slaughter houses for any animals they are prob. just as bad for us as cwd. And anyways has anyone died from CWD yet? I guess i am just trying to figure out why this seemed to get out of hand once the media got a hold of it. UGGH drives me nuts lol Anyways enough bi**hing just had to vent my 2 cents about it cause its all you hear about here anymore.


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    Default I see.

    They injected a mouse with the cwd infested elk tissue/blood and it caused him to get cwd,and died of a neurological dissorder.
    We all know some of us has neurological dissorders.
    Especially me.
    I give a mouse a shot of whiskey it's dyin too.
    What I should do is the next time I go get my deer meat from the locker,take a mouse and shoot him up with some lymph node tissue,if he lives....
    I eat the deer.
    This to me sounds like a experiment that cost me some federal/state tax dollars.
    I sure am glad they did this experiment,I feel so much better now,don't you guys?
    If these guys want to pay me for a few experiments I am up for it....I will be the first,inject me....

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