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Default bow making help!!!

i was wondering if you could laminate a bow using a titebond or other strong wood glues. i am on a limited budget and dont really have the time to make the heat box. it would be for a lower poundage long bow.
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You could do it, but it probably wouldn't last more than a few shots. Even at low draw weight, you still have creep to contend with. Those glues are just not suitable for bow making.

In fact most epoxy won't stand up either. It becomes too brittle. You need the epoxy glues designed for movement with little or no creep. There are a couple and unfortunately, they are not cheap.

If you want a lower cost bow, check thiswebsite.

He has a great tutorial on board bows. You can make one of these for less than $20 of materials. Even if you have to buy the tools, you can probably do it for less than $75.00. No heat box required either.
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