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Default How do you feel about neighbors that...

thinks it's ok for their dogs to run loose all over your yard/property.We have 8 acres of heavly wooded land and our house is right in the middle of it and last week i had to do something i hate which is drive to neighboring houses and tell 3 different owners that if their dog came back down,what would happen...and i was as nice about it as possible.One morning last week 2 different neghbors dogs came down and jumped on my beagle that is on a cable and he couldn't get away from them so i grabed the 410 and when i opened the back door they ran up in the woods a ways and i shot a few feet over their head and they ran back towards their homes.I drove up to the owners and told each of them what happened and as much as i hated,if it happened wouldn't be a scare off shot.I couldn't believe what both owners said,which was...were sorry about that,but don't make a mistake of shooting our dogs and went on to say that they hate to pen/tie them up because dogs should get to run and shouldn't be confined a pen or chain.I than told them that i love my pets as much as anyone,but we also respect other peoples property and we keep them in our own yard...and this went back and forth for a bit and when i understood that being nice wasn't going to change anything...i just said to all 3 partys that if it happens again or if they even come down...they won't be comming home.I'm starting to get a complex about people that thinks it's ok for their pets to rome all over other peoples property...sorry.How would some of you reacted to what the way...they haven't been back,so i guess they took me serious.PS...the 3rd dog just likes to come down at all hours of the night and get into a barking contest with my beagle..which wakes us up at at all hours.
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